• According to the Duel Terminal Master Guide, this monster is the daughter of "Gishki Noellia".
  • This monster appears in the artworks of "Aquamirror Cycle", "Aquamirror Illusion", "Spell Wall", "Sacred Serpent's Wake" and "After the Storm" (as a younger self).
    • The scene depicted in "Aquamirror Illusion" shows the ritual that lead to the death of Emilia.
    • The scene depicted in "Aquamirror Cycle" is Emilia being brought back to life by Noellia after she was freed from the "lswarm" virus.
    • The scene depicted in "Spell Wall" immediately follows the scene in "Aquamirror Cycle". "Noellia" uses the last of her strength to protect Avance and the revived Emilia and to destroy "Gishki Zielgigas".
  • Emilia has a shell near her left hand in this card's artwork. A similar shell appears in "Pilica, Descendant of Gusto" as a hairband. According to Master Guide 4, "Her [Pilica's] hairband was given to her by her best friend from the Gishki. It can be seen as a symbol of the peace between the Gusto and Gishki, who had fiercely battled each other in the past."
    • The same shell is still present in Emilia's adult form, "Dance Princess of the Nekroz".