• The word "cipher" in this card's name could refer to the word's use as a symbol for the number zero, which in turn could reference either the "Number" archetype from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL or Kite's role as a Number Hunter in said series. It could also reflect that this dragon is no longer a "Number", nor does it have anything to do with the "Numbers".
    • In addition, the "光波" used for "Cipher" translates to "light wave", mimicking how a photon is a light-carrying particle.
  • This is the first "Galaxy-Eyes" monster in the anime that doesn't appear in a sealed form when Summoned.
  • Like its ZEXAL counterpart, this dragon re-uses the roars of "Stardust Dragon".
  • The dark background in this card's artwork could represent Kite Tenjo's aggression against Duel Academy.
    • The red lightning in this card's artwork can be seen in the artwork of "Cipher Wing".
  • This card has two ranked-up evolved forms: "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" and "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon".
  • This card's ability to take control of an opponent's monster could be a reference to how Kite lost his family and thus wants revenge.
    • This is further exemplified in Kite's Duel with Dennis, as Kite took control of Dennis' monster in retaliation for Dennis having a hand at Lulu's kidnapping.
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