• This monster appears to be a younger version of "Gagaga Magician", as hinted by the orange visor and the same hat.
    • Based on its name - "Gagaga Child" - it is also possible for this monster to be the son of "Gagaga Magician", similar to how "Gagaga Sister" is the supposed younger sister of "Gagaga Girl".
  • This card is the only male "Gagaga" monster that does not cover up his face.
  • This monster has the "Gagaga" crest imprinted on the orange buttons on both sides of his visor.
  • This monster's clothing resembles in part the Heartland Academy uniform.
    • Coincidentally, this card belongs to Yuma Tsukumo, a student of that academy.
  • This monster appears to be holding a popsicle, probably based on the popular Gari-Gari Kun popsicles in Japan. In the anime, he eats the popsicle when he uses his Level-changing effect.
  • This card appears to have Synchro Summon rings in the background of its picture.
    • This is interesting, as its older counterpart, "Gagaga Magician" cannot be used as a Synchro Material.
  • In the English dub, Yuma inexplicably never refers to "Gagaga Child" by name, opting to call him "this little fella" every time he is Summoned.
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