• This card's sword appears in the artwork of "Salamandra".
  • The kanji on this card's sword means "Flame".
  • This card was the only non-Big Five Deck Master used twice. In both cases, it was used by Joey Wheeler who also Summoned it to the field in both Duels in one of the last turns.
  • In Season 1 of the anime, this card is treated as a Level 5 Normal Monster and is Summoned as such though in the English Anime the altered card design is colored Fusion violet (most of the time). Afterwards, it is only summoned either as Joey Wheeler's Deck Master or through the effect of "Blue Flame Swordsman".
    • In the Japanese Anime however, this card had a Normal yellow colored background but its card lore in the first Season still stated that it was a Fusion Monster and listed its Material.
    • In the first closing of the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, this card is shown among many others from the original series moving along in the background. The portion that shows this card is also used in the English version intro. In both cases, it appears as a Normal Monster card.
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