• The claws in this card's artwork make it appear like the Marvel Comics superhero Wolverine.
    • Part of this monster's name is shared with DC Comics villain and occasional antihero, Bane. Ironically, Bane would take on the Batman identity during DC comics' New 52 run. Bane is infamous for being the Batman villain who broke Batman's back and forcing the Dark Knight into a temporary retirement. He is also a member of the antihero teams Secret Six and Suicide Squad.
  • This card may be the "Evil HERO" counterpart of 'Elemental HERO Wildedge", based on its design consisting of many blades, its materials (1 of which is suggested to be "Evil HERO Malicious Edge"-"Elemental HERO Bladedge's" counterpart), and its ability to take out multiple monsters with its effect.
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