• "Terra Firma" is Portuguese for "Firm/Solid Ground".
    • "Terra Firma" is a Latin phrase meaning "solid earth"
  • This card is very similar to "Elemental HERO Neos" in ATK and DEF, appearance, ace monster of the series protagonist and their ability to use other monsters to become stronger. Also, they represent almost opposite things to humans, "Terra Firma" representing Earth, and "Neos" representing Space.
  • The ATK of "Terra Firma" is equal to the combined ATK of its Fusion Materials.
  • This card is the first "Planet" monster to appear in the manga.
  • This card is the only "Planet" monster to not have its name exclusively in English alphabet characters and punctuation.
  • This card is the only "Planet" monster to have its name deviate from the standard naming pattern (in the OCG: "The (word) Planet's name in all caps", whereas the TCG equivalent is simply: "(same word as the OCG) Planet's name") following that pattern, this card would be named "The E-HERO EARTH" in the OCG and "Elemental HERO Earth" in the TCG.
  • This is the only "Planet" card to be a Fusion Monster, whereas all the others are Main Deck monsters.
    • It is also the only "Planet" card that belongs to another archetype besides the "Planet" series (in this case, "Elemental HERO").
  • This monster bears some resemblance with "Colossal Fighter".
    • This monster also has an uncanny resemblance to Frieza from Dragon Ball Z, specifically his 4th form when at 100% power, appearing near identical. This is further referenced by his artwork which implies he conquered Earth, similar to Frieza's goals to overthrow the universe.
  • This monster's color scheme bears resemblance with the Duel Academy Duel Disk.
  • This is the signature card to Jaden Yuki in the manga.
  • This card and "The Grand Jupiter" are the only "Planet" monsters:
    • that are Warriors.
    • to not be used by villainous or brainwashed characters.
      • Also, both cards have the same ATK and DEF.
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