• This card is the first "Elemental HERO" to be Limited, and later, Forbidden. It is, however, the second "HERO" monster to be Limited.
    • This card's Forbidden status added to its notoriety, as players who ran HERO Decks went on to say "Free my n*gga Stratos", which has since become a meme in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fanbase.
  • This is also the first "Elemental HERO" to be released from the manga in America, and the second in Japan. (In Japan, the first was "Elemental HERO Ocean" in Weekly Jump, followed by this card in V-Jump.)
  • This card's English name, "Stratos", is derived from the word Stratosphere, the second major layer of the Earth's atmosphere.
    • Also, Stratos in Greek means "army", possibly referencing its ability to bring out more Heroes.
  • The French and Spanish names of this card (in some video games in the latter) are the translation of its Japanese name, "Elemental HERO Airman" {E・HERO(エレメンタルヒーロー) エアーマン}.
  • This monster bears a resemblance to the Acroyear villains from the Japanese Microman action figure series (known as Micronauts in the US).
  • This is a member of a series of cards based on the Earth's geography. It is the only one that isn't based on the Earth itself but the stratosphere protecting it. Other things represented by "Elemental HERO" monsters include:
  1. Oceans
  2. Woods/Forests
  3. Arctic/Antarctic
  4. Light/Sun
  5. Rocks/Minerals
  6. Magma Core
  7. Plants
  8. Electricity
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