• This card is an upgraded version of Earthbound Linewalker.
  • The robe this monster wears is similar to that of the Dark Signers.
  • This monster resembles Rex Goodwin, which fits for several reasons.
    • This monster has a left arm made of gold, matching Rex who replaced his left arm with a mechanical, and later, his twin brother Roman's, after losing his in the Daedalus Bridge Incident.
    • The manga incarnation of Rex is also a Duel Priest of the ancient time.
    • This card's first effect of Special Summoning itself from hand is a reference to Rex's play style involving Sun Dragon Inti and Moon Dragon Quilla.
    • This card's ability to make your opponent Life Point 3000 is a reference to Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca's anime effect of reducing opponent Life Point to 1. Fittingly, "Wiraqocha Rasca" (with its ATK maxed through its own effect at 3100), is then capable of OTK your opponent.
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