• "Dunamis" (or "Dunames" as mentioned in the card name) means "power" or "force" in Ancient Greek.
  • In Norse mythology the valkyries are dísir, minor female deities, who served Odin. During the middle ages, the meaning of valkyries changed, from deities to witches.
    • This card is also technically a retrained version of the original “Dark Witch”, despite a weaker defense it’s a level lower and therefore easier to summon with the same ATK stat.
    • And just like the original Dark Witch, this card is neither a DARK nor Spellcaster monster despite the name.
    • Both monsters are also used by Mai Valentine in the anime.
  • In some video games this card's French name is "Sorcière Dunoms" showing that for the translators "Dunames" means something around "of the Names".
  • This card’s appearance in the anime between Mai Valentine and Yami Marik’s duel is symbolic of her relationship with Téa Gardner. This card is a Fairy type, the signature monster type used by Téa, and bears a resemblance to her facially and haircut wise. The lore of this card also says that this monster will continue to battle and never retreat, reflecting how Téa refused to surrender to Mai or in other duels even when the odds were against her, and when this card was destroyed in the Shadow Game, it caused Mai to forget about Téa.
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