• In Norse mythology, Ragnarök was the ultimate series of world-changing events, one of which was the submersion of the world in water, just like what the flavor text of this card alludes to.
  • This is the only card whose English texts have ever used the word "god". Along with words such as "demon" or "devil", "god" has been deemed religion-unfriendly and thus always been censored, or substituted for safer words like "lord", "entity", "deity", or as shown in this card's name, "divine", or omitted entirely. The word "goddess", on the other hand, is safe for all use cases (e.g. "Goddess with the Third Eye", "Chaos Goddess", etc.). In other English-language media, such as the dubbed anime or the translated manga, the word "god" is still used, for example in the title "Egyptian Gods". Other TCG languages, especially German and French, have more freedom to use their own words for "god" (e.g. German Gott ("god"), gottlich ("godly; divine"), Gottheit ("godhead; godhood; divinity"), Götterdämmerung ("twilight of the gods; Ragnarok"); French dieu ("god")), likely due to lack of alternatives, as with the case of their "demon" or "devil"-type words.
  • The French, Italian and Portuguese versions say that "Ragnarok" was sent by "God" rather than some generic "gods".
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