• This monster is one of the British-themed "Destiny HERO" cards. It is inspired by Dracula. "Bloo-D" seems to have vampire fangs, he needs blood to be stronger, and no monster can resist him (his ability to negate monster effects), just like no human can resist Dracula's eyes. This is a reference to British culture because the author who wrote "Dracula" was an Irish writer, Bram Stoker, who was of British citizenship.
    • As Castlevania is a series that also belongs to Konami, this card's anime effect(s) and Japanese attack name could also allude to the series. Dracula can absorb the souls of his enemies and gain all their powers (a power more commonly demonstrated by his incarnation Soma Cruz). The attack name of "Plasma" in Japanese is "Bloody Fears", which is very close to "Bloody Tears", a recurring soundtrack in the Castlevania series.
  • This card is one of the few "Destiny HERO" monsters whose Japanese name does not contain "Guy", and one of the few whose name after "D-HERO" does not start with a "D" sound.
  • The card's Japanese name spells out "Blood" in English, though the name is pronounced "Blue D" according to the katakana. This could also reference to being pronounced as "bloody".
    • This again ties in with the British-theme surrounding "D-HERO", as "Blue Blood" means to belong to nobility.
  • When this card was first printed in English, its lore contained several grammatical errors, forgetting some plurals and capitalization and leaving out the word "ATK" at one point ("This card gains equal to..."). These were all corrected in the Legendary Collection 2 reprint.
  • This monster bears resemblance to "Elemental HERO Flame Wingman", as both of them have a creature-like head appendage for a right hand. In this case, this monster has a demonic-like head for a right hand.
  • This card's effects share some similarities with "Thousand-Eyes Restrict", as both monsters equips one monster the opponent controls and gain their attack, and also, they have effects that neutralize some of the monster's actions on the field ("Plasma" negate monsters effects, while "Thousand-Eyes" negate changes of battle positions and attacks).
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