• This monster's silhouette appears in the artwork of "Fusion Destiny".
  • This card is possibly the "Destiny HERO" counterpart to "Elemental HERO Flame Wingman".
    • This card is used by Aster Phoenix and since he is the anti hero to Jaden Yuki, then this monster could be the anti-thesis to "Flame Wingman". Also, this card is one of Aster's trump cards while "Flame Wingman" is one of Jaden's trump cards in the anime.
    • These monsters share some resemblances. "Elemental HERO Flame Wingman" has a dragon head on his right arm and "Dragoon" uses a dragon head for a shield on its left arm and has a dragon head on its chest plate.
    • These cards have similar effects in which they can inflict damage equal to a monster's ATK after they destroy them. The effect of "Dragoon" allows it to destroy a monster to inflict damage, but also restricts by not allowing it to attack, the effect of "Flame "Wingman" requires it to destroy a monster by battle to activate its effect.
  • "Dragoon" is a type of mounted infantry that carried a type of firearm which could relate to this monster and its effect since the dragon head shield appears to be a cannon.
    • "Dragoon" is also a popular term for a 'dragon knight' made popular in video games. "Destiny End Dragoon" has a dragon's head on its chest, suggesting it may be intended as a dragon knight.
  • This card's Japanese name is a pun ("Dragoon D-END"), as it was the last "Destiny HERO" related card to appear in the Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime.
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