• Until its errata 15 years after its initial release, this was the only card in the OCG/TCG that could legally place a monster in face-down Attack Position.
    • The new Errata was implemented primarily because of the introduction of Link Monsters, and this card would have caused a rulings nightmare if left unchanged. Link Monsters have no DEF, meaning they can't be changed to Defense position as a result. This card, being able to change a monster to face-down Attack position, would have caused a mess with the rulings of Link Monsters.
  • This was the first printed card that could change a monster's battle position to face-down.
    • This leads to the possibility that this card's unique effect was a glitch, which was finally fixed, or a mechanic that was introduced but never followed up on.
  • With the new Errata, this card's effect is basically a weaker version of "Book of Moon", as this card, unlike Book of Moon, is not a Quick-Play Spell Card and has a cost of discarding two cards to use its effect.
  • With this card's Errata, the concept of face-down Attack Position is now invalid in the game.
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