• This monster is the apprentice and female counterpart of the "Dark Magician".
  • This card's effect may refer to how Mana, its original spirit owner, vowed to train hard and become stronger to honor the death of her teacher Mahad (who became the Dark Magician after his death).
    • In the manga, her effect was identical only slightly stronger, as she gained 500 ATK instead of 300.
  • "Dark Magician Girl" is themed after the magical girl manga and anime subgenre, while retaining a shonen undertone.
  • The third artwork of "Dark Magician Girl" is based on the first artwork of "Dark Magician". Both artworks feature the "Magicians" holding their hats with their left hands, holding their scepters with their right, floating in front of the "Magicians'" seal with their knees bent and their legs tucked in.
    • In the 20th tome of the manga, when Yugi Summoned "Dark Magician Girl" during his Duel against Strings she appears the same way she is drawn on this artwork, and remained in this position until her destruction.
  • This card is the only "Magician Girl" monster to have one effect instead of two.
  • This card's Anniversary artwork, featuring her riding her wand, was the only anniversary artwork that was not released to the TCG, as Kazuki Takahashi refused to censor her artwork.
  • If you count all of her artworks, including the uncensored ones with minor differences like the pentagram and her cleavage, then this monster has the most artworks out of any monster in the TCG/OCG, beating out “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” who has 8, and “Dark Magician” who has 7.
  • This is arguably one of the most iconic monsters of the franchise, behind “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, “Dark Magician”, and “Red-Eyes B. Dragon”.
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