• On the commentary page of the manga volume in which Gate Guardian first appeared, Kazuki Takahashi admitted that He had to rush to meet a deadline and couldn't finish Gate Guardian's design. This card depicts how Takahashi would have designed Gate Guardian had he been given more time.
    • In the manga, Gate Guardian has spider-like legs, like this monster.
    • The manga also describes Gate Guardian as a "demon" which explains this cards demonic appearance.
  • This card is a powered-up version of "Gate Guardian".
  • This monster's artwork is similar to that of "Vorse Raider".
  • This is the only card that had its artwork shown in a dub episode of a previous season, rather than the episode that it was originally used in.
    • This is also the only card that had its artwork showcased in the dub anime, but not in the original.
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