• The three "Cyber Dragons" fused in this card have different head designs in the artworks of this card.
  • This monster is the counterpart of "Cyber Eternity Dragon".
    • This is supported by having the reverse of "Cyber Eternity Dragon's" ATK and DEF.
    • This card and "Cyber Eternity Dragon" share the same Type, Level and Attribute.
    • Both monsters are Fusion Monsters.
    • Additionally, "End" would refer to the end of the duel due to "Cyber End Dragon's" high ATK, while "Eternity" would refer to "Cyber Eternity Dragon's" high DEF serving as a wall which would extend the duration of the duel.
  • While "Cyber End Dragon" explicitly requires three "Cyber Dragon"s for its Fusion Summon, "Cyber Eternity Dragon" only requires at least one "Cyber Dragon" and two other Machine monsters of any choice to be Fusion Summoned.
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