• "Cyber-Stein" and its Japanese name, meaning "Devil Franken", both reference Frankenstein's monster, which this card is based on.
    • "Magical Scientist" bears some similarities to this card. Both of these cards are Forbidden due to being able to summon Fusion Monsters at the cost of Life Points, which led to the creation of an OTK/FTK Deck in the past. In addition, they are both low-Level DARK Monsters(This card is Level 2, while "Magical Scientist" is Level 1), and have some sort of relationship with the "Mad Scientist" trope.
    • In addition, "Cyber-Stein" has a double-barreled shotgun strapped on its back. This is a reference to the shotgun Victor wielded on his honeymoon when the monster threatened to kill his wife Elizabeth.
    • This card's OCG name, which translates to "Devil Franken", is a reference to when Frankenstein's monster reads the book, Paradise Lost, and identifies with the protagonist, Satan.
      • This monster also shares a common naming convention with another monster based off of Frankenstein's monster - "Number 22: Zombiestein". In the OCG, their names contain "Franken" (the Japanese name of "Cyber-Stein" is "Devil Franken" and "Zombiestein" is "Fran Ken") while in the TCG their names contain "Stein" instead.
  • This monster appears in the artwork of "Tour Bus To Forbidden Realms".
  • If one looks closely at this card's artwork, "Cyber-Stein" is shown to have a double-barreled shotgun on his back, making it one of very few cards with controversial artwork that has not been censored in the TCG.
  • Before Upperdeck Day only 18 copies of the SJC-EN001 card existed in the world. $20,000 USD was bid for a "Cyber-Stein" SJC-EN001 card on eBay, but the bidder didn't pay. The card was eventually resold for approximately $7,000 USD.
    • In more recent years a few copies have surfaced on card single websites for as low as $400 USD.
  • This card has the largest static LP cost of any card in the game.
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