• This card is very similar to "Spirit of the Breeze" and "Dancing Fairy" in terms of its effect. All of these cards were first printed in the same initial booster set (Labyrinth of Nightmare), and have effects that increase your LP during your Standby Phases. With this card, you gain 800 LP, while with "Spirit of the Breeze" and "Dancing Fairy", you gain 1000 LP. However, this card increases your LP regardless of its battle position.
  • The fish in the card's artwork appears to be blushing.
  • Coincidentally, the name "Cure Mermaid" is also the alter ego of Minami Kaidō from Go! Princess Pretty Cure.
    • In another coincidence, the card's Japanese name is "Princess Mermaid", mirroring the princess motif of that series.
  • This card may be based on the title character of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, as both are mermaid princesses.
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