• This card's English name is a bit of a misconception: the words "tortoise" and "turtle" are often erroneously considered synonymous. Although this turtle's physical structure could be disputed, it is listed as a WATER Aqua monster, making hence the term "tortoise" incorrect, since it is strictly used to refer to land turtles. The Japanese card and the English dub use the term turtle, which is more correct; in British English, it describes the sea-dwelling creatures, while in American English ,it is a general term for both water and land dwellers.
  • This monster can be considered a contrast to "Gem-Turtle", which is a turtle, whereas this card is a tortoise.
    • They both have 2000 DEF.
  • This monster's voice in the English dub is reminiscent of Filburt, a turtle character from the Nickelodeon animated series Rocko's Modern Life. Both this monster and Filburt also share a similar color scheme; they both are mostly in hues of blue and green.
  • This card's first effect reproduces how real-life tortoises and turtles can withdraw into their shells in case of a threat (hence, "retreating" into Defense Position.)
    • This is similar to the second effect of "Submarineroid", as it's based on a submarine; these super-sturdy naval vessels launch a long-range attack before submerging again.
      • Both of these cards share the same Attribute (being WATER) and have a much higher DEF than their ATK to complement their Defense Position-shifting effects
      • Coincidentally, both of these cards are owned by secondary protagonists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, who have blue hair and wear (or would later in the series) blue articles of clothing. This card is used by Jesse Anderson (whose attire includes a blue above-waist-length jacket with dark blue outlines as well as a in-part, a dark-blue vest while he was possessed by Yubel) and "Submarineroid" is used by Syrus Truesdale (who would be promoted to Obelisk Blue twice, albeit it wouldn't be until he's moved-up to this class rank during Season 4 of GX that he would finally wear their elite attire of the same predominant color.)
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