• This card is an upgraded version of "Injection Fairy Lily". "Injection Fairy Lily" was a nurse and received a promotion, being now counselor (which is an Administrative position).
  • This card also has the same ATK, DEF, Level, and Attribute as its "younger" form (its Type is different, however; its "younger" form is a Spellcaster-Type, while this card is a Fairy-Type). They also have similar effects, although it is reduced from a 3000 boost to 1000 and to the Synchro Monster rather than herself. That being said, a counselor is also a person that provides advice to others.
  • This card's effect is similar to "Hyper Synchron".
  • She is the first Female Tuner monster in the TCG.
  • This card appears in "Attraffic Control", which blocked "Goblin Attack Force" from process to the Battle Field, for humorous reference.
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