• This monster is based on Kamen Rider Double in his Fang Joker state, albeit with the white and black color scheme reversed.
  • This card is the first and so far the only "HERO" Fusion Monster that requires 2 "Masked HERO" monsters as Fusion Material.
    • Also, due to this card's Condition, this card is also the first and so far the only "Elemental HERO" Fusion monster that requires "Masked HERO" monsters as materials, uniting 2 of the main protagonist's "HERO" archetypes in both anime and manga into one card.
  • This monster bears a striking resemblance to "Light and Darkness Dragon". Like "Light and Darkness Dragon", one half of its body is white while the other is black, except that the order of the colors is swapped. Both monsters have abilities that negate cards from activating and both are treated as LIGHT and DARK monsters at the same time. Even this monster's debut in the GX manga one shot, where it appears next to "Winged Kuriboh", is similar to the final Duel between Jaden and Chazz and Tragoedia, where, near the end of the Duel, they Summon "Winged Kuriboh" and "Light and Darkness Dragon", respectively. It could be said that this monster is a reference to the friendship / rivalry between Jaden and Chazz in the manga.
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