• This card is the inverse of the "Chaos Sorcerer", effect wise. When the opponent Special Summons Chaos Sorcerer, you can Special Summon this card. Next, "Chaos Hunter's" effect prevents them from removing her from play and her ATK points prevent them from easily overpowering her, creating a near perfect counter strategy.
  • This card may also be a counterpart to "Chaos Goddess".
    • They share the same number of ATK.
    • They both have white hair.
    • They are both Secret Rares from their own booster packs.
    • "Chaos Goddess" is a LIGHT Fairy while this card is a DARK Fiend.
  • The first effect of this card is similar to "Cyber Dinosaur", except that you have to discard a card, and this card can be summoned in response to any sort of Special Summon (not only from the hand, unlike "Cyber Dinosaur")
  • This monster has "Hunter" in its name and wields a whip, meaning it could very well be a reference to Konami's well-known Castlevania series of games. It's also designed to be used against "monsters of Chaos", which is something that would also fit the Castlevania-theme (especially considering the plot of Aria of Sorrow).
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