• This is the first Synchro Monster that predetermines which Attributes the Tuner monster and the Synchro Material Monsters must have, as well as the first where both must have different Attributes.
  • In the background of this card's artwork you can see 2 creatures: a wolf type figure made of light, and a monstrous red-eyed creature made of darkness.
    • This contrast of white and black continues on the layers of her gown and even in her wings, one of which is white while the other is black.
  • This monster appears in the artwork of "Trust Chain".
  • This card's name includes Chaos, a reference to a popular deck theme of mixing DARK and LIGHT (and also Fairy and Fiend) monsters together, which this card's effect supports.
  • This card is often regarded in the community as having one of the most beautiful artworks in the entire game, and has even proven to be a popular cosplay option for many cosplayers.
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