• The "robot" in this card's artwork has a head similar to B9 from Lost in Space.
  • The Spanish prints of this card (at least until Premium Gold: Return of the Bling) use the word "enviada" instead of "mandada", which is the official term in the Spanish TCC fot "sent".

"Dear Judges,

This is a notification about some important rulings/text updates. The first pertains to the card "Card Trooper" from Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 2.

Apparently the text on the card was mistranslated from Japanese, this mistranslation greatly changes the function of the card.

Practically speaking, had this change been noticed it would have greatly changed the outcome of many tournaments.

Really the text should read

In your Stand-by phase send 3 cards from your hand to the graveyard. This card gains 500 ATK points for each card sent to the graveyard this way, until the end of the turn. When this card on your side of the field is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, your opponent draws 1 card.

Like the text, a ruling for the card has been added: The first effect of "Card Trooper" is not optional, if "Card Trooper" is on your field during your stand-by phase, you must send three cards from your hand to the graveyard. If you are unable to do so "Card Trooper" is destroyed and your opponent draws 1 card.

Following this change is an update to Magical Stone Excavation. The text of the card is now [Add 1 spell card from your opponent's graveyard to your hand. After this, send 2 spell cards from your hand to the graveyard.]

Originally the card let you return a spell card from your graveyard and discarding two cards was a cost. The real text of the card only lets you return a spell from your opponent's graveyard and requires you to send 2 spell cards as part of the effect of the card.

Overall we are very embarrassed by these mistranslations, mainly due to the fact that a lot of large tournaments would have had different outcomes had the cards been translated correctly.

Legally we are not obligated to do anything however here at UDE we care very much about your customers and very soon we will initiate a system for the mistranslated cards to be exchanged for cards with correct text.

Simply speaking, the system will most probably involve sending the cards to us and we will send the corrected cards back, like we have done in the past.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Tewart Senior Game Designer UDE Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG R&D Lead Upper Deck Entertainment"

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