• Contrary to the art, a "butterfly dagger" (more commonly called a "butterfly knife") is actually a balisong, a type of folding knife, not a knife with a butterfly on it.
  • On April 2005, this card was banned due to its ability to perform an infinite loop by equipping it to any monster that destroys it when being equipped such as Gearfried the Iron Knight. With this infinite loop, some cards' effects become so powerful such as Royal Magical Library (unlimited drawing), Magical Marionette (infinite attack power), or Fire Princess combined with Spell Absorption (continuous burn).
    • Furthermore, the combo with Royal Magical Library and Gearfried the Iron Knight was a popular combo to use when trying to draw all five pieces of "Exodia", as you would continuously draw until you had your entire deck in your hand, guaranteeing that you have all five pieces.
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