• This card's name is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of "barrel".
  • Befitting the "bullet" theme of both Varis and his "Rokket" Deck, this monster bears several gun-like features. Its main torso for example resembles a cylinder of an actual revolver handgun. Its forearms also resemble revolver barrels.
    • In fact, whenever a "rokket" monster's effect is used in the anime, they become 'bullets' for this card which shoot out of its barrel-like mouth.
  • This card opposes "Firewall Dragon", as both monsters feature opposing stances and color schemes similar to "Red Dragon Archfiend" and "Stardust Dragon". Furthermore, their effects also oppose each other, as "Firewall" willingly protects other monsters, while "Borreload" forcefully controls other monsters before sending them to the Graveyard.
    • Due to this, "Borreload" can be considered as a rival to "Firewall".
  • Similarly, this card opposes "Decode Talker", as they also have opposing stances and color schemes in a manner mirroring "Red Dragon Archfiend" and "Junk Warrior". Their effects are also opposites of one another, "Decode" derives strength from other monsters to empower itself while "Borreload" weakens other monsters to protect itself and takes advantage of them by forcefully controlling them.
    • This is further implied by how "Decode Talker" defeated "Borreload" in the end of season 1 of VRAINS in a manner reminiscent of how "Junk Warrior" beat "Red Dragon Archfiend" at the end of 5D's. Lastly, both events involving a skirmish between the two monsters were foreshadowed in the first opening of each respective series.
    • Due to this, "Decode" and "Borreload" can be considered rivals as well though it was initial in the beginning of the series.
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