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  • This card has the same theme as "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" and "Dark Eradicator Warlock" as each of them is an advanced form of their original counterparts.
    • This card follows the same theme as "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon", as they are an advanced, armless version of their original counterparts, have the same original ATK and DEF, are 2 Levels higher than their original counterparts, and gain 300 ATK for each Dragon-Type monster in the owner's Graveyard. The main difference being that while "Red-Eyes Darkness" only requires its original counterpart as a Tribute and has no further effects, this card requires the fused form of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", as a Tribute and has the rather unique effect of allowing the controller to choose which effects can affect it.
  • In the TCG, "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" was released in August 2004, before "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", which was released in January 2006; until then, "Blue-Eyes Shining" was unplayable, even though it was legal for tournament use.
  • This card was Seto's special card for the movie, like "Sorcerer of Dark Magic" was Yugi's special movie card.
    • Also like "Sorcerer of Dark Magic", this card has an additional effect in the movie which it lacks in the TCG/OCG.
  • This is one of the harder monsters to Summon due to the fact that three copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" is needed to create the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" needed to Summon this card, unless the user uses cards such as "Future Fusion", "Dragon's Mirror" or a Fusion Substitute Monster.
  • Despite being called "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", the original color of this monster's eyes was yellow.
  • This monster and "Cyber End Dragon" have similar blue orbs on their wings and chests.
  • Despite being a Dragon-Type monster, its appearance is more like a Machine-Type, similar to "Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon" or "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon".
  • The German version of card mentions "Blauäugiger Ultradrache" in his card text, which was used in the German dub of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime instead of "Blauäugiger Ultimativer Drache". Later this was fixed.