• This card is the only card that was reprinted two times with "DUEL TERMINAL" written on it without actually being in one of the Duel Terminal sets.
  • This monster's name appears to contradict its appearance, given that the roses which adorn this dragon's body are red rather than black. However, when one examines the name more closely, one notices that this monster's skin is actually black in color, and the name can be taken as a more literal description of this monster's nature.
    • To elaborate: Because the name says that this is a "Black Rose Dragon", it is assumed that it is a "dragon of black roses" and thus the name does not adequately describe the appearance. However, it actually means that this is a "Black Rose Dragon" – a black-colored variety of a species of dragon that adorns its body with roses – which is an accurate description of the monster.
  • This is the first of the "Signer Dragons" whose effect relates to a specific Type and the first to have a specific support card, "Thorn of Malice".
  • This card has the lowest combined ATK and DEF out of all "Signer Dragon" monsters.
  • In the anime, this card, "Red Dragon Archfiend", and "Life Stream Dragon" are the only "Signer Dragons" that have not been absorbed by any of the "Meklord" monsters at least once.
    • This card is notably the only "Signer Dragon" to never be used against any of the "Meklord" monsters at least once. This is because Akiza never battled any of Aporia's embodiments or Aporia himself.
  • This card has been the featured card of an anime episode 4 times, more than any others.
  • This card's effects mirror Akiza's initial personality.
  • This is one of four "Signer Dragons" that technically never got an upgrade throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's series; the other three being "Ancient Fairy Dragon", "Black-Winged Dragon", and "Life Stream Dragon".
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