• This monster's name parallels the English localization that the Japanese names of the "Blackwing" monsters went through ("Black Feather" to "Blackwing", "Blackfeather" to "Black-Winged").
  • Although related, this card isn't a part of the "Blackwing" archetype, in neither the anime nor the OCG/TCG.
  • This monster resembles the Amphiptere, or Amphithere, a legless but winged dragon in European heraldry, due to its wings and the lack of legs.
  • In the anime, this monster's wings are mostly white and turn black every time it activates its effect or attacks.
  • In episode 136 Crow calls this card a "he", making it one of the four "Signer Dragons" to have a confirmed gender; in this case, male.
  • This card is considered a representative of Crow and Pearson, due to their determination to protect their beloved ones, going as far as sacrificing themselves, not unlike Yusei and his dragon
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