• This card is based off Kamen Rider Kabuto's Zecter.
    • With similar designs and the same Attribute and Type, this card may be related to the "Inzektor" archetype.
      • This is further supported by the fact that the entire "Inzektor" archetype is based off Kamen Rider Kabuto.
      • In addition, this card's effect works with the "Inzektor" ability to equip each other as Equip Spell Cards.
  • Like Kabuto's Zecter, this monster is based on the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, a subfamily of Scarab Beetle Family, reflected especially in its Japanese name "Scarabtron". In English, "Beetron", is a pun on the overarching Order of Beetles, Coleoptera, and not on a bee), which is the Apidae Family.
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