• "Dream Clown", "Swarm of Scarabs", "Pot of Greed" and "Pot of Generosity" appear in this card's artwork.
    • Ironically, both monsters are about to attack and destroy the two "Pots", while their effects destroy monsters. Also, the destruction of the two "Pots" may suggest they were repaired and made into "Pot of Duality".
    • "Shard of Greed" may also be one of the shattered pieces of "Pot of Greed" after this card's events.
  • This card's artwork is part of a card series that shows the story of an emperor, based on the fairytale The Emperor’s New Clothes.
    • The emperor was first shown wearing his "new clothes" in public on "The Emperor's Holiday". After realizing that he was lied to by his soldiers, he blamed his soldiers for the said lie, as shown on "Tyrant's Temper" and "Tyrant's Tirade". He then vented his temper out, as shown in "Tyrant's Tantrum". After doing so, he tried to forget his troubles by eating, as shown in "Tyrant's Tummyache". This did not seem to work, since "Tyrant's Throes" shows him having a violent tantrum after eating, with his soldiers trying to calm him down.
    • The lie to the emperor and his own actions apparently made him forget about the "Huge Revolution", which had gained power to the point that the emperor's soldiers make the emperor go out and stop the rebellion, as shown in "Double Payback". The emperor then stopped the rebelling people by having his army surround them and declare that their movement is at an end, as shown in "The Huge Revolution is Over".
    • After that, he tried to relax down from all of his troubles as shown in "Asleep at the Switch". In doing so, he let his guard down on the entire castle, and allowed the rebelling people to destroy the castle and reclaim their freedom. The emperor was then removed from his position, as shown in "Turnabout". Afterward, he is scorned by his former subjects as shown in "Retort".
      • The emperor is about to be caught off guard by "Dream Clown" while enjoying his coffee (a.k.a restoring Life Points), possibly because all the food he ate in "Tyrant's Tummyache" made him slothful.
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