• Despite being called "Armored Zombie", this card has 0 DEF.
    • Its name however, most likely comes from its Japanese name. It was called "Armored Warrior Zombie", which also refers to the Japanese name of "Zanki": "Armored Warrior Zanki".
  • This card, "Dragon Zombie" and "Clown Zombie" have their level downgraded by 2 in relation to their original counterparts.
    • Zanki = Level 5 → Armored Zombie = Level 3
    • "Crawling Dragon" Level 5 → "Dragon Zombie" = Level 3
    • "Crass Clown" Level 4 → "Clown Zombie = Level 2
  • In the manga and anime, this monster doesn't exist as a physical card in its original appearance, rather Zanki affected by Call of the Haunted. Later in the anime, this card is seen as a normal monster card, reflecting its release in the real life card game.
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