• This was the only "Amazoness" card not to have "Amazoness" in its card name until the third reprint of this card in Gold Series 3.
    • This was because the card was released in "Labyrinth of Nightmare", 2 sets before the support cards for the archetype were released in "Magician's Force" so it technically didn't even exist yet, hence why all the earlier cards mentioned Amazon Archer in their text specifically.
    • Changes have been made on the names of either "Amazoness Archer" (now literally "Amazoness Huntress" in French and "Amazoness Archer" in Italian) or "Amazoness Archers" (now literally "Amazoness Archer" in French and "Amazoness Ambusher" in Italian), to include the former in the "Amazoness" archetype and to distinguish the two of them. See their respective errata page for detail on the changes.
  • This monster has the opposite effect of “Hysteric Fairy”, tributing monsters to inflict burn damage instead of gaining life points. Both cards also debuted in the same set, Labyrinth of Nightmare.
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