• "Zombyra the Dark" appears in this card's artwork. This is fitting, as both of "Zombyra"'s effects reflect heroic tropes and the said monster is based on Zombire.
    • This card's artwork is taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 022: "The American Hero (Part 1)", specifically a panel from the Zombire comic book.
  • The lore of this card's effect in both its release within Dark Revelation Volume 2 and the International release of Invasion of Chaos incorrectly states that you, rather than your opponent, chooses the card randomly.
  • Each time this card was activated in the anime, this card's effect succeeded in Special Summoning a monster.
  • Although this card has the word "Hero" in its name, it has no affiliation with the "HERO" archetype.
    • This is because this card was released a long time before the "HERO" monsters were released.
    • Ironically though, Jaden Yuki, who runs an "Elemental HERO" Deck, has used this card in the anime during some of his Duels, namely to Special Summon "Elemental HEROes" in a pinch.
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