• "Dark Ruler Ha Des" appears in this card's artwork, hence the card's name.
    • Although this card's original name is "A Deal with a Daemon", "Ha Des" is not an "Archfiend" monster nor is he related to the archetype.
  • This card seems to allude to deals that Hades had made with two Greek heroes after they had completed certain, but separate tasks:
    • The first one being Orpheus after he had traveled to the Underworld to find his lost love, Eurydice while playing songs that melted the hearts of two of the Underworld dwellers Cerberus and Charon. After Orpheus had played a song on his lyre that touched the heart of the Greek god of death, Hades allowed Orpheus to travel with Eurydice back into the human world under the condition that he did not look back and always traveled in front of Eurydice.
    • The second one being Heracles defeating Cerberus in his Twelve Labours. With Heracles, after he had defeated Cerberus, Hades allowed Heracles to bring Cerberus to Eurytheus under the condition that he did not harm the animal and return it back to the gates of the Underworld once he was done.
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