• Crossing a black cat on the street is considered bad luck in some cultures (an ill omen).
  • This monster appears in the artwork of "Cat Meeting".
  • This card is currently the only card in the game that can search out any Trap Card without any restrictions.
  • This monster is the opposite of "An Owl of Luck":
    • This card searches a Trap card, while the other a Spell Card.
    • Both monsters are Flip and either topdeck or add the card to the hand, depending if "Necrovalley" is present.
    • Both monsters have inversed ATK and DEF of one another, as well as the same level.
    • One is Beast, the other Winged-Beast.
    • Both monsters names are the opposite; this monster refers to bad luck instead of good luck.
    • Both names are phonetically similar
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