Card Trader is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

His shop is used to trade cards for gold, jewels and stones.


The Card Trader possesses an inventory of cards that is divided in two sets: Featured Cards and Regular Inventory.

Featured Cards contain recent cards, from which a certain set is chosen randomly for each player and becomes their current stock. The player can purchase any of its cards, but only 1 copy of each. The stock can only be reset after every 8 hours, and is automatically done so when the player visits the Card Trader again.

The Regular Inventory is always available, and any of its cards can be purchased. However, after buying a card the player must wait for a certain amount of time until another card from the Regular Inventory can be purchased.

Each card can be obtained by using Gold, Jewels, and Stones. The latter two are equal to the card's Rarity and Attribute. For example, a SR WATER monster requires SR Jewels and Stones of Water to be purchased.

Foil upgrade

The cards sold by the Card Trader can also be upgraded to a higher foil, which consists Glossy and Prismatic. Unlike trading for cards with Basic foil, the amount of Gold, Jewels and Stones required to upgrade a card's foiling is fixed to its Rarity, not varying for each individual card, but the type of Stone required is still based on the card's Attribute.

Any card in the Card Trader's inventory can be upgraded to Glossy foiling, and only UR and SR cards can be upgraded to Prismatic foiling.

Glossy Prismatic
UR 1 Basic (non-foil) copy
1000 R Jewels
500 Stones
1 Glossy copy
2000 R Jewels
10 SR Jewels
1 UR Jewel
500 Stones
SR 1 Basic (non-foil) copy
800 R Jewels
400 Stones
1 Glossy copy
1600 R Jewels
8 SR Jewels
400 Stones
R 1 Basic (non-foil) copy
600 R Jewels
300 Stones
N 1 Basic (non-foil) copy
400 R Jewels
200 Stones


Featured Cards

Regular Inventory

Card Trader EX

Card Trader EX is a variation of the Card Trader featured in certain events.

His items can only be traded for EX Jewels, special items made available only during said events. Unlike the original, his whole inventory is always available, but only 1 copy of each card can be purchased.

The inventory is composed mostly of cards exclusive to the current and previous events, including Duel-A-Thons and Card Flipper Campaigns, and cards retired from the Card Trader's inventory.

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