Summoning "Zushin"

Protecting the Level 1 monster

  • The Level 1 Normal Monster with the highest DEF is "Charcoal Inpachi", making it useful for "Zushin", as it will be a little difficult to destroy by battle (assuming you can manage to get it in Defense Position).
  • "Petit Moth" is a Level 1 Normal Monster, so this card can be easily added to a Moth Deck, since that Deck requires heavy protection for "Petit Moth" anyway.
  • This card could fit in a Deck focused on "Destiny Board" (due to the effect of "Dark Sanctuary"). Although one would normally win via the effect of "Destiny Board" first, this card can serve as a back-up plan in case all of the copies of a single "Spirit Message" card get used up (thus making victory by the effect of "Destiny Board" impossible).

Accelerating the Summon

  • If you have multiple copies of this card in your hand, there is nothing preventing them from using their effects on the same monster in the same turn.

Protecting the Summon

Using "Zushin"

  • Alternatively, this card can be used to stall.

Countering "Zushin"

  • Once Summoned, this card can be removed from the field in several ways.
    • It can be Tributed as a cost to Summon monsters, such as "Kaiju" monsters, "Santa Claws", "Volcanic Queen", The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode, etc.
    • "Forbidden Scripture" can be used during any battle involving this card to allow it to be destroyed by that battle. Although it won't negate the effects of "Zushin the Sleeping Giant", it will ensure that it is treated as having its original 0 ATK during the battle.
    • Monsters that have Continuous Effects that continually base their ATK values on the ATK of this card (such as "The Wicked Avatar" and "Clear Vice Dragon") can destroy this card by battle.
    • Cards that force a player to take an action (such as "Share the Pain" and "Extinction on Schedule") do not affect monsters, so they can be used to remove this card from the field.
    • It can be destroyed by battle, if this card is being attacked and an appropriate effect is activated. Due to the rules of SEGOC, if the turn player attacks this card and a mandatory ATK-modifying Trigger/Trigger-like Effect in their poessession is activated during damage calculation, the turn player's mandatory effect will activate at an earlier Chain Link than the effect of the attacked "Zushin the Sleeping Giant". When the Chain resolves, this card will change its ATK first, then the turn player's mandatory effect will resolve later, possibly resulting in a greater ATK than this card's. Since only the turn player can declare an attack, this is only applicable if "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" is the attack target. Examples include:
      • "Zushin the Sleeping Giant": The ATK of the attacked "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" will become 1000, while the ATK of the attacking "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" will become 2000.
      • "Cipher Soldier": The ATK of "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" will become 2350, while the ATK of "Cipher Soldier" will become 3350.
      • "Moon Mirror Shield": The ATK of "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" will become equal to the equipped monster's current ATK + 1000, while the ATK of the equipped monster will become equal to its own current ATK + 1100.
      • "Lindbloom: The ATK of "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" will become 1000, while the ATK of "Lindbloom" will become 1800.
      • "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon": The ATK of "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" will become 4000, while the ATK of "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" will become 7000.
      • "The Hunter with 7 Weapons": The ATK of "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" will become 2000, and the ATK of "The Hunter with 7 Weapons" will also become 2000.
  • This card cannot necessarily defeat Defense Position monsters. Since its ATK/DEF are changed based on the ATK of the monster it is battling, monsters that have 1000 more DEF than ATK cannot be destroyed by this monster's attacks.
    • "Superheavy Samurai" Decks are ideal for this, because many "Superheavy Samurai" monsters have higher DEF than ATK. Additionally, since some of them can attack while in Defense Position, it is possible to destroy this card in battle that way.
  • Since the ATK of this card is 0 unless it is battling a monster, it cannot normally inflict battle damage by attacking directly. However, this risks the opponent simply attacking directly with other monsters.
    • Consequently, Stall Decks, Chain Burn Decks, and "Forbidden One" Decks should have little problem with this card, as they normally do not rely on controlling monsters to win.

Traditional Format


 Japanese nameAttributeTypeATKDEF
Ancient Jar太古の壺EARTHRock400200
Babysitter Goat子守りゴートDARKFiend01400
Big Bang Eggerビッグバン・エッガーDARKPyro6000
Blue-Eyes White Cat青眼の白猫LIGHTBeast600200
Bone Mouse骨ネズミDARKZombie400300
Change Slimeチェンジ・スライムWATERAqua400300
Charcoal Inpachi大木炭18FIREPyro1002100
Cloudian - Smoke Ball雲魔物-スモークボールWATERFairy200600
... further results (40 more)
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