• Summon "Zoma the Spirit" during your opponents End Phase to negate the disadvantage of this card being Summoned in Defense Position.
    • Combine this with your face-up "Tiki Curse" by simply running "Zoma" into the opponent's high attack monster. That way, by taking some damage, you inflict 1800 more to your opponent and destroy his powerful monster, making a room for a possible direct attack with "Tiki Curse". If played at the right time, this combo can reduce half of your opponent's life points. You can combine it with "Spirit Barrier" to prevent battle damage.
  • You can use this card in a "Uria, Lord of Searing Flames" Deck, as it serves as monster, whilst also fulfilling the summoning effect of "Uria".
  • This card is useful for finishing blows in lategame. If your Life Points are higher than the target monster's ATK - 1800, and your opponent's Life Points are lower than that monster, suicide "Zoma the Spirit" into that monster for the win.
  • Select this card with "Creature Swap", and then destroy it; your opponent still takes the damage of your own monster's ATK.
  • Note that this card's effect does not specify that it has to be sent to the Graveyard in order to inflict burn damage. The only way to prevent this card from activating that effect upon battle destruction is to destroy it using cards like "Dark Ruler Ha Des", "Armed Sea Hunter" or "Ancient Gear Beast".
  • Use this card with "Lava Golem" to get rid of two of your opponent's monsters and inflict massive damage. In addition, you can use "Draining Shield" to gain Life Points while your opponent loses them.
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