• Both "Worm King" and "Worm Queen" only require one Tribute to summon if the Tribute is a "Worm" Reptile-Type Monster. Use this card as a Tribute, summon it to your opponent's side of the field in Attack Position, and attack it to do 2,600 points of damage.
  • You can use both "Limit Reverse" or "Graceful Revival" to Special Summon this card and use it for a Tribute a second time. Both Traps are also useful for other "Worms".
  • Since this card is level 1, you can easily Special Summon it with "One for One".
  • If your opponent controls no monsters, sacrifice this card to summon "Worm Warlord" and attack it. With the effect of Worm Warlord, you can then attack directly and inflict a total of 4600 points of damage. "Worm Zero" can easily set up this combo by clearing your opponents field of monsters and summoning "Worm Ugly" from the graveyard, not to mention increasing the probability of having "Worm Warlord" in your hand with its draw effect.

Traditional Format

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