• In order to circumvent this card's restriction on the searched monster, it is more convenient to trigger this card's effect during the opponent's turn, by letting it be destroyed by battle, or as cost for an effect like "Dark Spirit Art - Greed", for example.
  • In an "Exodia" Deck, this card can be used alongside "Sangan" to Fusion Summon "Sanwitch" while they are both on the field, triggering their effects and searching two of the "Exodia" limbs faster. Also, "De-Fusion" could be used during the opponent's turn to return both "Sangan" and this card to the field in order to set-up their effects again and search more pieces on the following turn.
  • This card can be Special Summoned by the effect of "Summoner Monk". Then, both monsters can be used to perform a Link Summon. This card's effect can then be used to search a Hand Trap, that are commonly activated on the opponent's turn, like "Effect Veiler", "Maxx "C"", "Droll & Lock Bird", "D.D. Crow", etc.
  • This card can be combined with "Dark Renewal", to get rid of an opponent's monster while searching 2 monsters in the process.

Traditional Format

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