• This card can be used to easily dispatch monsters which have high ATK but low DEF and are typically difficult to defeat otherwise, such as "Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon" that cannot be targeted or destroyed by opposing effects and is difficult to defeat in battle due to its high ATK, but is vulnerable while in Defense Position.
  • Use this card when your opponent controls "Red Dragon Archfiend" or "Majestic Red Dragon" and has other monsters in attack position. If the other monsters did not attack, they will be destroyed by the effect of "Red Dragon Archfiend" at the end of the turn.
  • This is a great card to use with "Nitro Warrior" because it can destroy one monster in battle and then use its effect to destroy another monster that was switched into defense mode with this card.
  • If your opponent has many attack position monsters on their side of the field, use this card and then chain their defense position shift with the effect of "Tragedy" for a devastating combo.
  • This card can be used to protect your "Morphtronic" monsters by forcing your opponent's monsters into defense position; in addition, using it puts a counter on "Morphtronic Map" and adds another for each monster whose battle position they reset.
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