• If you negate this card's effect, your monster's effect won't be negated anymore
  • Activate this card during your opponent's End Phase, so that you can attack during your turn.
  • You can combine this card with "Jinzo" or "Royal Decree" so that your Synchro monsters can have their effects again.
  • Use this card to bring back "Stardust Dragon". Since "Stardust" tributes itself as a cost, thereby removing itself from the field, its effect won't be negated. Furthermore, "Wicked Rebirth" will remain meaninglessly on the field, so you can bounce it back to your hand for reuse or send it to the graveyard as a cost for "Magic Planter" or "Uria, Lord of Searing Flames".
  • Use this card to bring back "Colossal Fighter" as an 2800 ATK wall (who can bring itself back after being destroyed by battle).
  • This card can be useful at Summoning "Majestic Red Dragon", which is usually difficult to Summon since you need a field with 2 Level 1 monsters - which will get destroyed by "Red Dragon Archfiend". Not only this card can retrieve Red Dragon Archfiend easily, it also negates its effect, ensuring you can keep your monsters.

Traditional Format

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