• It's best to attack with this monster first so your other monsters are protected.
  • "Solidarity" is useful if you're using a Thunder-only Deck.
  • Combo this with "Honest" to do some serious damage to your opponent.
  • Use "Batteryman D" to protect this card from being attacked.
  • Attack your opponent with this card while all your important monsters are in defense position. Then, play "Zero Gravity" to switch your important monsters to attack with them. The reason you do this is to stamp out "Mirror Force"; the only chance your opponent gets to play it is when this card attacks, and also you will have changed the battle positions of your opponent's monsters, disrupting their field.
  • This card can work well in a "Dark Scorpions" control Deck as it wont be hindered by "Messenger of Peace" and will prevent the opponent from countering with any thing if its attack is successful and this will allow the "Dark Scorpions" to get their effects off.
  • Equip this card with "Heart of Clear Water" to keep it safe while you continue to attack directly. Having multiple "Wattcines" out can make up for any damage lost from being attacked.
  • Gladiator Beast Decks can run this card without much of a shift in strategy. The normal backfield setup in the Deck should be compatible with protecting this card, if needed.
  • After this cards second effect activates, it is safe to activate important cards or summoning strong monsters without worrying about they being negated or destroyed by your opponent.
  • If your opponent has many set cards, Conter Trap cards are useful because if your opponent activates something, you can chain this card, and if your opponent doesn't has counter Traps, then it will end the chain and you might do the attack.

Traditional Format

  • If your opponent controls a card like "Sangan", attack your opponent directly with this card before destroying "Sangan" with another monster. "Sangan's" powerful search effect will not be able to activate.
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