• Use this card while controlling a "Watthopper" to search for another "Watthopper", then use "Photon Lead" to Special Summon it and create a lock.
    • Use "Photon Lead" during the Battle Phase to Special Summon the "Watt" monster that was chosen to let it attack right away. If the chosen card was another "Wattcobra", this will allow the player to thin their Deck further and even use another "Photon Lead" to summon and attack with the next monster chosen.
  • combine this with "Robbin' Goblin" to discard your opponents hand to help you gain more of an advantage.
    • combo with Macro Cosmos, Vanity's Emptiness and Robbin' Zombie for an effective lockdown/disruption tactic. goblin and zombie limiting the opponents possible options via discard and mill respectively, and macro + vanity locks down the grave and special summons.

Traditional Format

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