• This card is usually used as more of a OTK combo card than a defensive card, because it can decrease your life points extremely fast, which is necessary for some OTKs.
  • When activating this card, pay an appropriate amount of Life Points so you can activate "Megamorph" with its original ATK-doubling effect.
  • Use cards like "Imperial Custom" or "Fake Trap" to keep this card on the field, especially if you paid a large amount of Life Points to activate this card.
  • Pay 2000 Life Points, then Summon "Gora Turtle" or "Messenger of Peace" to sharply limit which monsters your opponents can attack with.
  • Few monsters has more than 4000 ATK, leaving this an optimal amount for a lock-down.
  • Activate "Life Absorbing Machine" to regain back half the Life Points you paid up.
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