• This card's second effect to send copies of itself to the Graveyard and destroy all opposing monsters counts as its own effect, not the effect of "Blaze Accelerator", which means it can be used to take down even Spell-proof monsters such as "Silent Magician LV8". It's also a very handy anti-swarming tactic.
  • Use "Cold Enchanter" to discard this card to inflict damage and gain an ATK boost.
  • Send 2 copies of this card using "Fine" for a non-attack finisher of 1000 points.
  • This card fares pretty well at a "Reversal Quiz OTK", due to the fact that - unlike "Black Pendant"/"Fuhma Shuriken" - it may be simply sent from anywhere to Graveyard in order to trigger its Burn effect.
    • A shortcut for this strategy would be to send "Blaze Accelerator Reload" via "Reversal Quiz", due to the fact it is able to activate in the Graveyard so that this card is dumped right from your Deck, thus landing the finishing blow into your opponent.

Traditional Format

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