• Special Summon a Level 5 or higher Zombie-type monster with the effect of "Vampire Duke", "Shadow Vampire", "Mezuki" or "Il Blud" to easily fulfil the trigger for this card's Summon.
    • You can easily special summon this card after "Vampire Lord" or "Vampire's Curse" Special Summon themselves by their own effects.
    • Discard this card to pay the cost for "Vampire Genesis" effect, to trigger Grace's summon after you've revived a monster with Genesis.
    • You can summon this card easily with a combo of "Edelritter - Vampire Bram" and "Zombie World". Using "Zombie World", use "Edelritter - Vampire Bram's" effect to Special Summon a Level 5 or higher Monster from your opponents Graveyard, and then activate "Vampire Grace's" effect to Special Summon itself.

Traditional Format

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