• This monster can be easily Summoned with "Fusion Gate" and "Chain Material" if you have enough monsters in your Graveyard, and will not be destroyed during the End Phase.
  • Combine this card with "Mist Body" to prevent your opponent from destroying it at all.
    • With "Mist Body", "Spirit Barrier" and "Prime Material Dragon" on the field, you will have an indestructible monster and will be safe from all damage.
      • Except if your opponent uses a card that banishes "Ultimate Axon Kicker".
  • Because this card can't be destroyed by card effects, it works great with "Black Rose Dragon" to clear the field for a direct attack. If the effect of "Psychic Snail" was already used on it, you can attack directly for 5800 Life Points.
  • The only way to stop this card is either by sending it back to the player's hand, or getting a monster on the field that can destroy it by combat.
  • Select this card with the effect of "Scrap Dragon". You get to keep your monster while your opponent loses a card.
  • If you have have "Thought Ruler Archfiend" on the field, it can protect this card from effects that would neutralize, but not destroy, it, such as "Compulsory Evacuation Device", "Book of Moon" and "Dimensional Prison". The cost of 1000 Life Points per effect negation can be easily handled due to the two monsters' abilities to heavily increase Life Points.
    • One easy way to get both out at the same time is to Fusion Summon this card with "Miracle Synchro Fusion", using "Thought Ruler Archfiend" as one of the components, and then playing "Escape from the Dark Dimension" to bring "Thought Ruler" back.
  • Since this card can't be destroyed by card effects it works well with "Psi-Curse" for a 3000 points of damage, plus you get rid of one of your opponents high ATK monsters.
  • Because this card is a LIGHT monster it works with "Honest".
  • Use "Miracle Synchro Fusion" to Summon this card and then activate "Psychic Path" to retrieve the banished Psychic monster.
    • Better yet, use "Miracle Synchro Fusion" to banish a Synchro and a Psychic tune and Summon this, then use "Psychic Feel Zone" to Summon a new Synchro.
    • "Bright Future" can be used to return the banished monsters to your Graveyard and allow you to draw.
  • Since this card cannot be destroyed by card effects, it won't be destroyed by the effect of "The Seal of Orichalcos" when it is activated.


 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Daigusto Egulsダイガスタ・イグルスWIND726001800
Daigusto Falcosダイガスタ・ファルコスWIND414001200
Daigusto Gulldosダイガスタ・ガルドスWIND52200800
Daigusto Sphreezダイガスタ・スフィアードWIND620001300
Datascape Beast - Jiujiu電脳堺獣-鷲々WIND624001700
Datascape Fox - Xianxian電脳堺狐-仙々WIND928002400
HTS Psyhemuth超念導体ビヒーマスEARTH624001800
Hyper Psychic BlasterハイパーサイコガンナーEARTH930002500
Hyper Psychic RiserハイパーサイコライザーEARTH62000600
Magical Androidマジカル・アンドロイドLIGHT524001700
... further results (6 more)
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