• Summon a Level 4 or lower Normal/Gemini Warrior Monster, then activate "Copy Knight". Next, you can Tribute these two monsters to activate this card.
  • An absolute lock might be generated via this card, "Anti-Spell Fragrance" and "Dark Simorgh". Your opponent cannot activate Spell Cards, Set Trap Cards, and is unable to Summon Effect Monsters.
  • Summon "Rescue Rabbit" then activate its effect to bring out the requirements for this card.
  • Useful with "Morphing Jar 2" after this card is activated set "Morphing Jar 2" and have it flipped. Any monster's on field would be returned to deck and then any Effect monster(s) picked up would be discarded since they could not be special summoned due to "Tyrant's Throes" effect of being unable to normal or special summoning Effect Monsters.
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